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It is time to take advantage of this unlimited source of virtually free energy that is efficient, safe and cost effective. Australia is a continent that receives the most amount of sunlight and solar heat than any other in the world. 

Millions of households in Australia are aware of this abundant energy and are harnessing it to power their homes. Every month thousands of new households are rushing to gain the advantage of this source of energy and helping build a better future for us all.

Solar panels are extremely cost effective and will save you a large amount of grid electricity and its associated costs. As households receive abundant solar heat, the panels start to pay for themselves pretty quickly.

We at solar worx will calculate the best solution based on your location and adjust it according to your needs and consumption.

Partner your solar system with the latest in battery technology and you will ensure significant savings and 24-7 power availability.

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Getting Solar For Your House

Millions of households across Australia are harnessing the power of solar photovoltaic (PV) to generate and store Green and clean energy.

Consider the following while getting solar for your household:

  • There are different types of solar systems available
  • The size of the system that will be correct for your needs
  • The cost that you will incur and rebates that you can get from the government
  • How much are the Feed in Tarrifs?

For further information of any rebates or to have your full free solar estimate completed, contact us today!